Engagement presents – what?

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Engagement presents – what?

A friend of mine (let’s call her N) recently “said yes” to the love of her life and decided to host an engagement party to celebrate her happiness. Hailing from a South Asian background, we usually find the excuse to celebrate the smallest of events; from the roka (the pre-wedding ceremony) to the pre-engagement party. The question that arose then was, what should we get them? Weddings are easier. People register. South Asian engagement parties are different – the usual Emily Post rules don’t apply.

One of her bridesmaids bought a ticket to the Scandinavian Spa while the other bought a nice piece of jewelry. Thanks to my procrastination habits, it was the day of the party and I still hadn’t thought of anything. And then it struck me. The best kind of gifts was personalized. N hated gift cards – in fact, she’d once told me that she thought they made the worst kind of presents as no thought went into them.

And so, my friend and I set out on a trip to the mall. We bought a gorgeous gift box from Homesense and decided to fill it up with N’s favorite things. From her favorite Starbucks travel mug to her choice of David’s Tea flavors. We went to every single store she usually shops at and bought her favorite items. Her favorite candle and her favorite coconut chocolates. The best kind of fuzzy socks and the nicest scented bath bomb.

Besides the satisfaction of buying the perfect gift that N loved, we also loved the entire process of shopping. Not to mention the fact that we ended up more things for ourselves than for N (what? I really needed that candle and butter holding dish), but all in all, it was an amazing experience. So the next time you think of getting that friend a gift card, stop. Not only will it be an amazing activity and bonding experience with your friend, but it will also help you get the perfect present.

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