Home Staging & Great Photos – How They Work Together

Home Staging Photos matter

Home Staging & Great Photos – How They Work Together

Did you know that 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process?  They will form their impression of the property from the photos they see.  That is why Home Staging for Photos is increasingly important.  First impressions are everything.  If a potential homebuyer isn’t instantly riveted by your images, they will move on. So, when it comes to selling your home, great photos can make all the difference. You will attract more viewers to your listing, and that can lead to solid offers.

Read on to learn how home staging and great photos go hand in hand.

Professional equipment and techniques

It takes more than a cellphone camera to create captivating photos. By working with professional home stagers, you can feel confident knowing you are getting the highest quality images. and highlight the home in question as it could be but allowing the buyer’s imagination to see how it could work for them.  High-end cameras and lighting equipment will produce professional results that will make your home stand out from the competition.

The right angles

Great photography is all about the right angles and lighting. With properly placed furniture, professionals know how to highlight your home’s features, showcasing the warm and welcoming atmosphere of your property. By using the best angles and lighting, home stagers create bright, beautiful images that will draw homebuyers in.

Staged photography

Homes must look at their absolute best to attract serious offers. If you want pictures that speak volumes, never underestimate the power of home staging. Adding fabulous furniture, lighting, greenery, carpets, and décor—your home stylist will work with you to rearrange and beautifully decorate each room for that winning photo. For eye-catching results that will boost the quality of your listing, staged photography is a must.

Proper planning

There is a lot that goes into creating images that sell. Before a single photo is taken, professional photographers will prepare for the shoot. Together with home stagers, they will scout the property, examining the angles, experimenting with interior and exterior lighting, and taking a host of sample images for review. With the proper prep work in place, expect utterly amazing results.

Space and composition

A great photoshoot doesn’t just “come together” on its own, it must be composed. When capturing your home, an expert with an eye for details understands space and composition. By optimizing space, generating flattering horizontal and vertical lines, and properly directing the focus, great photographers create attractive photos that will inspire the homebuying audience.

Quick turnaround times

Do you want to limit the time your property spends on the market? Competition is fierce in the real estate industry. You have mere seconds to make a lasting impression. Great photos deliver fast, high-quality results to help sell your home fast—and at a higher price.

Quality photos matter when selling your home. Make your online home showing count with professional photography.

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