Home Staging Tips: De-personalize Your Home

Home Staging Tips - Depersonalize

Home Staging Tips: De-personalize Your Home

Home Staging Tips – Helping to Depersonalize Your Home

When it comes to attracting a slew of prospective buyers, it is all about depersonalization. Depersonalizing your home is a major part of the home staging process. If you want home buyers to visualize living in your space, you have to give them a blank slate. Removing your personal taste and style might be a challenge. But remember, your goal is to close the deal, so do your best to remove as much of YOU from your home as possible. 

Here are some of our home staging Vancouver tips on how to depersonalize your home. 

Remove those personal pics 

You want potential buyers to imagine it’s their house, not yours. That is going to be tough to do if you have personal photos strewn across your home. So, pack away those family photos (and while you are at it, take down those certificates and awards too). If you do plan to leave up photos, make sure they are of the impersonal variety like landscape or architectural prints. 

Put away personal items 

Prospects want to see your space, not your collectables. When staging your home for sale, remove all traces of your interests. Sports memorabilia, posters, fishing rods, or religious items are only going to distract buyers. Bottom line? You are moving anyway, so think of it as getting a head start on packing. 

Keep colours neutral 

Take it from home staging Vancouver pros, paint tones can be polarizing. What seems daring and funky to you might be off-putting to some home buyers. Sticking to neutral colours will help you create a blank canvas, bringing out the characteristics of your home without overwhelming it. For the best results, keep your colour palette to beiges, whites, and grays.

Consider A Furniture Rental

Yes, your favourite couch or chair is incredibly comfortable, and you have passed many hours there reading, talking or watching TV.  Or maybe you have an heirloom credenza that has been passed down for generations.  Your furniture can be the most personal thing about your home, but you need to assess whether it is the kind of furniture that will appeal to everyone.  If not, if you want to create a more neutral space, then consider a furniture rental. A good home staging company in Vancouver will be able to offer a number of furniture rental options that will appeal to a broad spectrum of possible buyers.


Clear out the clutter

Are your closets packed with clothes? What about all those knickknacks taking up space on the shelves? That lived-in look is not going to do you any favours come selling time. Having too much of anything in your house will not only cut down on the visual appeal factor but also make your home look smaller. Putting your stuff in storage will help open your space up and depersonalize your home. 

Make part-time living arrangements for your pet

Of course, you love your fur babies. But not everyone will be enamoured by Mr. Whiskers or Scruffy. Whether it’s the odour, unsightly fur balls, or allergies, it’s best not to tempt fate by advertising you own a pet. Depersonalize your home by removing pet food, bowls, and toys. If you don’t want buyers to accidentally let your cuddly companion out, arrange to have someone look after your pet during viewings or open houses. 

Depersonalizing your home can be a tricky, emotional process. But try to think of it as an opportunity to sell your home quicker—and for more money! 

Need help setting the stage to get your home ready for sale? Reach out to our home staging Vancouver experts today. 

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