Decorate your home for fall!


Decorate your home for fall!

As we begrudgingly tread through these last few days of summer, we’ve already started thinking about the fall colors we’ll be using for staging. Actually, to be super honest, besides the gloom that falls over the sky after 4 pm, I really have no other reason to dislike fall. While I’m not a PSL latte girl, I sure do love the comfort of UGGs! Anyway, coming back to the point, staging with fall colors can be tricky yet fun! If you’re looking to add the same fun to your home, here’s three ways to do that:

Get your hands on those candles

At the risk of sounding like someone who works, lives, eats, sleeps at Bath and Body works, I’ll say this still: go buy those candles! How they’ve managed to capture the entire goodness of one season and fit it into a glass container and wax, is beyond me. They’re perfect for the upcoming days when you’ll have

sky trained or driven on those wet roads and will arrive home feeling a little more grumpy than usual. Nothing like the scent of a Thanksgiving pie in a candle to cheer you up. Plus, they make for perfect fall décor!

Plaid blankets and throws are the coziest things to curl up with

We all have that one store we could spend hours in. It’ll have everything: from the coziest pillow to the nicest scotch glasses. Yes, stop by there this weekend and get ready to get your plaid on. No matter what color your sofa is, any throw would make it look cozier. However, if you have a throw already and are looking to add some fall décor, feel free to go with white, plaid, orange or even chestnut brown!

It’s all about those leaves…

While it can be a bit messy to have an apartment filled with leaves (imagine the terrific crunching sounds though), it can definitely be fun to get some giant vases and fill them with fall colored leaves and flowers. Michael’s is a terrific place to stop by. If you already have artificial flowers around the house, replace them with the ones for fall!

Well, that’s it for today. As I add a giant bag of marshmallows to my pantry (fall is a season for hot chocolates, don’t judge) and think about the candles I’m going to buy, I’ll curl up with a good book and coffee with preparation for fall. Bring on the PSL lattes.

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