The importance of Staging Your Home in a Softer Real Estate Market

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The importance of Staging Your Home in a Softer Real Estate Market

First impressions are everything, especially in the world of real estate, and that is doubly so in a soft real estate market.  So how do you set your home apart from others?  Getting your home properly staged can be one of the key real estate strategies in a soft market. When it is a buyer’s market out there, it can make it even tougher on homeowners to catch a purchaser’s eye and seal the deal. Even in a relatively strong market like Vancouver Home Staging can make a difference as inevitably, some times are not as competitive as other times. If you are looking to improve property appeal and get people to snap up your place faster, read on to learn the importance of staging your home in a softer real estate market.

Staged homes sell faster

Did you know that a staged home spends 73% less time on the market than a non-staged one? When it comes to selling your home in a softer market, effective staging will help get the deal done. Hiring a professional home stager will not only help sell your home faster but also fetch you a higher price.

Less is more

No matter how beautiful the stuff in your home may be, it can get in the way—a distraction that can put off potential buyers. And in a soft market, that can make or break a sale. A professional staging provider will help make the most of your home’s features while creating a sense of space buyers just love.

Staged homes deliver that “wow” factor to everyone

Our homes are a life-size, live-in memory book, filled with trinkets and knickknacks that speak to us. Every homeowner wants to be surrounded by a trip down memory lane whenever they walk through the door—potential buyers won’t see it that way, though. If you want to effectively sell your home in a softer market, a professional stager can create a stunning home where buyers can visualize themselves in your place.

It’s all about the home furnishings

Are your home furnishings helping or hurting your chances to make a sale? The furniture is the first thing potential buyers are going to notice when they enter your home. And if your tables, chairs, and décor items are anything less than stellar, the offers may fall flat. A home staging professional like Meraki will have a wide selection of gorgeous furniture that will get your home noticed for all the right reasons.

That great first impression

It’s true what they say—you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make yours count with some home professional help. Home staging experts will boost curb appeal and create an inviting space that potential buyers won’t forget anytime soon.

Worried about selling your home in a softer market? Don’t be. There are a number of good real estate strategies in a soft market available.  With a team of home staging professionals preparing your property for sale, you can rest easy knowing your property will look its best, upping your odds of getting that offer you have been hoping for.

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