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A few months ago we introduced to you a newly released Netflix Series, Abstract: The Art of Design, and highlighted this blog post by the inspiring architectural design of Bjarke Ingels.

Well, we couldn’t get enough.

So we decided to check out another episode, this time a topic that is a little closer to home- interior design.

Ilse Crawford, an accomplished designer and focal point of Season 1, Episode 8, highlights her unique philosophy to put human needs and desires a the center of all that she does.


It’s probably an under appreciated word, laced into our subconscious but not as glamorous as ‘happiness’ or ‘prosperity’. Often we don’t acknowledge our own state of well-being, we just feel it.

For Ilse, she views design as “a tool to enhance our humanity— a frame for life.” This deeper meaning looks at interior design as more than just a visual medium, which forces her to explore the purpose of a space and empathize with the people who [will eventually] use it to establish a sense
of well-being.

“We spend 87% of our lives in buildings. How they are designed really
affects how we feel and how we behave.”
Ilse Crawford

Ilse’s quest to satisfy the subconscious has distinguished her as a designer who pays careful attention to people’s senses. Fearlessly contrasting materials in order to gain a greater understanding of purpose, this journey has taken her from magazine editor to founder of Studioilse — hosting a number of high-profile projects from SOHO House New York to Ikea.

Ilse’s approach and philosophy provide us with a lot of perspectives.

Her compassion for people allows her to design for a deeper connection with the way that they feel, establishing a sense of place and belonging. We’re inspired by not just her work, but her compassion for design and hope that we can transform well-being into ‘love at first sight’.

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