Furniture Rental

Our furniture rental service provides the option to rent furniture, decor and other accessories without worrying about the hassle of buying, assembling or moving the items.


It’s ideal for people who’ve recently relocated to the city, or for homeowners looking to sell but do not wish to get staging done. As a great alternative to purchasing, furniture rental is perfect for homeowners, realtors, stagers, film-set designers, and temporary living.


Besides providing clients with furniture that is high quality and locally sourced, Meraki also offers free consultations for all their services. With furniture rental, we provide you with affordable prices to rent items. There are no additional charges.


Our Furniture

From comfortable to luxury, we have a wide range of furniture rental and design accessories. Some examples include modern, traditional, minimalistic, mid-century, scandinavian, etc. We don’t offer any office furniture.


The Process

You can book an appointment to stop by our warehouse and select the pieces of furniture that you like. We will follow up shortly after to schedule the delivery and moving process.