Home Furnishing

Why hire a designer?

It’s completely free. No gimmicks. No hidden costs. Our designers will work for you free of cost to help you design your space.


Our interior styling service includes free consultations and design services. Starting with the first consultation, we will go back and forth with you, learn your preferences, create renditions and moodboard, and design your space based on your choices. Once you have approved all of your furniture items we confirm the order and deliver your furniture.

Why choose Meraki?

By the time a furniture item reaches your home, it has been through an expensive process of retail buying and selling. At Meraki, we strive to get you the best possible price by eliminating the majority of the middle steps.


We design clients’ homes based on their interests in furniture, accessories, themes and colour schemes. Consultations are completely free and so is the design process – you only pay for the furniture, and that’s it.


You do not have to worry about the hours spent or the additional costs – you can take your time and choose the options you like best.

Home furnishing Process


  • Free Consultation
  • Home visit & measurements
  • Renditions and moodboards
  • Inspirational photos & home furnishing ideas
  • Revisions


  • Locally sourced furniture that’s lower than retail.
  • No overhead costs – direct delivery from wholesalers!
  • You end up with a designed and specially curated space for free.


We deliver, unpack and assemble all the furniture to make sure everything looks amazing. Our team can also help you dispose off any unwanted furniture items.

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