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Home Staging in metro Vancouver

At Meraki, We Stage Homes That Move You.

“Meraki” is a modern Greek word often used to describe doing something with Soul, Creativity, or Love – when you put “something of yourself” into what you do. At Meraki, that is what we try to do on every project.

We combine our passion for design with our years of customer service and expertise in this industry to create a space that you and everyone around you will fall in love with. We want that first impression to be the best it can be so that potential buyers can envision using the space they see to its fullest potential.  Home Staging in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is our passion.  We would love to work with you to create the perfect vision of your home so that your showings are successful.

Reasons to stage

Research suggests that staging increases the dollar value of homes by five to ten percent! It also helps reduce the amount of time a property spends on the market.

While buyers may find the idea of staging an apartment themselves appealing, hiring a team of professionals ensures that every single detail is taken care of. At Meraki, we have a great selection of furniture and decor items that are handpicked by our designers to make everything look perfect.

What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of preparing your home for sale. With new furniture, lights, greenery, carpets, arrangements, or displays, your home puts on it’s “best face” for real estate success. Professional photography goes hand-in-hand with home staging in order to create the best impression possible for the sale of your home.

Meraki Staging oversees the full process and guides the design to make your house maximally appealing. Contact us to learn more about the staging process.

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Process for staging

  • Free Consultation
  • Quote
  • Confirmation
  • Staging
  • Removal or Furniture Purchase
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At Meraki, we have been staging homes in Metro Vancouver’s always interesting and sometimes crazy real estate market for years. While the real estate market changes, one thing that does not change is that well-staged homes tend to sell faster, and far more than unstaged homes. This remains true for both luxury homes in Shaunessey or West Vancouver and for comfortable family homes in Coquitlam or a condo in New Westminster.  We always keep up to date on the latest industry trends and listen to what the realtors and buyers are saying.

With our depth of knowledge in the Metro Vancouver area, we can ensure that your home staging is right for the most likely buyers – whether it will be seen as a new home for a young couple or family, a business executive, or an investment property. We track the latest trends and know the tried and true strategies.  Different areas have different preferences, and we work with agents, the latest market data, and your budget to arrive at the optimal staging for your property.

No Staging too Big or too Small!

Whether you would like a basic consultation on your home to get some insight or the latest advice on what looks are most appealing or how to de-clutter efficiently while still living in your home, at Meraki, we have the team that can work with you to get the most out of your budget.

At Meraki, we can do it all for you – from consultations with the seller and real estate agents to supplying top quality furnishings and accessories.

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