Selling your place and need to make it look good for the photos? A Vancouver condo or apartment usually means two things:

  1. You are paying a lot of money to live in it.
  2. You still feel like there is never enough room.


While these are things we can’t really change, there are a few good ideas to brighten up the space in which you’re living and make it seem a little bigger, brighter and beautiful.

Firstly, make sure there is lots of light entering the room. Whether it’s a small window you always keep covered with a curtain or one lamp that serves as a study lamp, it’s always a good idea to have proper lighting in the room. Rooms that are properly lit always give the illusion that there is quite a bit of space, and that just makes everything look a bit tidier. For photo purposes, it’s good to use extra lighting to enhance specific areas of the room that will make the room look bigger. Play around with it a little bit and see what works best.

Invest in containers. Whether it’s for your makeup, or clothes that you don’t wear anymore; chances are that there is stuff lying in your room (especially in nooks and corners) that can be neatly stored in a container. You can look for cheap ones at Walmart or at the Dollar Store, or invest in some good quality ones from Ikea or The Container Store, the choice is yours. If you can’t do away with the stuff, either put it in containers and lock it in storage, or if it has to be outside, make sure it’s neatly placed.

Use online social media platforms and find out a creative way to arrange your furniture. It doesn’t have to be a lot of it. You may have to keep aside some pieces to make the room look tidy. Decluttering is key. When it comes to furniture, it may not make sense to buy newer items as you may be moving out or selling the place. In this case, buy accessories that will make the place look nicer. A bed can have cushions. A kitchen can have flower vases and art. A living room can have magazines, throws, cushions, etc.

Add colour to your houses. Whether it’s a lighter shade on your walls, or a brighter shade on your bed, colours always have a way of making a room seem vibrant. You can either pick your style and adjust the colours accordingly, or go with the flow and see how everything turns out in the end. The important part however, is to be comfortable at the end of the day with what you created!

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